Bank CLER, Staff Outfits

CLER stands for clearness, transparency and brightness which is reflected in the new staff outfits. A modular system of shirts and sweaters in combination with a – partly unisex – selection of accessories…..

Swiss Textiles, Meeting Rooms

Swiss Textiles new meeting rooms – located in Zurichs urban surrounding of a 1940ies modernist building – were given an exceptional identity by ScherrerHefti. The team was inspired by the dynamic interaction of precision and spontaneity found in fabric printing…..

1_front picture 2016_Staffoutfits_ KMBS_1212
Kunstmuseum Basel, Staff Outfits 

The reopening for Kunstmuseum Basel with its new building by architects Christ & Gantenbein gives cause to design and develop the staff outfits of the three houses (main building, new building, Gegenwart). Lela Scherrer, the designer for this capsule collection, is mainly influenced by the architecture of the new building…..

Design Research Transdisciplinarity Zurich University of the Arts

Fashion Designer Lela Scherrer and the FSP-T Windtunnel Team explore new ways of influencing the design process…..


Atelier Pfister Carpets

Puzzle carpets „Dornach“ by Lela Scherrer for Atelier Pfister…..

Modissa Zurich Bahnhofstrasse

Strategic brand portfolio and design consultancy for renewal of the fashion house
Set up and design of MOD private label


Mountain Climber_Revisiting a Swiss Icon

Paravent by Jörg Boner and Lela Scherrer
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Atelier Pfister Carpets 

Carpets ‚Altreu‘ and ‚Grod‘ by Lela Scherrer for Atelier Pfister…..


Floor Lamp «Alma»

Fashion and Product Design – Joerg Boner/Christian Deuber/Lela Scherrer…..

Swiss Pavilion World Expo Japan

Staff Outfits for the Swiss Pavilion in Aichi / Japan…..